Luging at COP

A couple of days ago Sepideh texted me about setting up play dates and activities that we could do with the kids over the summer. At some point next week we’ll set up some cycling playdates for Ian and Ilia.

Today was our first group outing. We were going to go to the Rec Room, but since it was a nice day it was changed to luging at COP. It was a new experience for most of us.
At first it was just going to be the kids luging. We got them a ticket for 3 rides each. They got fitted with a helmet, got onto the chair lift, and went to the top of COP. Sepideh was dolled up in a dress, so she had to buy a t-shirt and sweatpants in the ski shop before we could go. We bought ourselves a ticket for 2 rides and followed the kids uphill.

From above it seemed like the people were going so slowly, but once you were on the track that was not the case. Everyone got a mini lesson on how to “drive” the karts before you set off.  Some people drove like bats out of hell and others were very cautious. There were no collisions.  It was fun, but the vibration was hard on your hands and butt.  Two times was enough for me.

Afterwards we went for refreshments at McDonalds before being dropped off home.  The kids shared a pop and had a chocolate waffle cone each.  I had a sugar-free iced coffee.  Sepideh had a smoothie and poutine and Ilia had a McFlurry.

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