Finally, Calaway Park

With the weather being a crock more times than not and the fact both weekend days are taken up by cycle club rides, we hadn’t had a chance to get to Calaway Park this season – until today. Last night I said that if the weather today were tolerable that I’d take the kids. Well, it was tolerable. We had moments of “oh, those clouds don’t look too good” throughout the morning, but by 10 we were off. TDF had recorded for the day and we had a full tank of gas. We got there about 10.45 and stayed until 12.15. It was a short day as I have to get things prepared for class tonight. I went on 4 rides and the kids on 6 each. It was a pretty good time to go. I think the combination of the weather and Stampede kept the numbers low. Let’s hope for more better weather so we can go again.


3 thoughts on “Finally, Calaway Park

  1. Well, you need to come out in the summertime for that… Calaway is open from mid-May to about late September.

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