Summer’s Here

Okay, so the last two days have been super-windy, but it seems as though summer has finally arrived here in Calgary. I’ve been able to commute without extra layers, anyways.

The kids are well into their vacation now. I’m glad to say that both of them are getting out and “playing” more than last summer. It helps that Ian is spending time with Joey and Ilia, who like riding bikes. Miranda is riding with the club, but her favorite rides are the Thursday night ladies’ rides, especially when they end up being an ice cream ride to Village Ice Cream to celebrate Alice’s birthday.

Miranda next to Alice, salted caramel ice cream cone in hand

Not to be outdone, Ian and I also went out for ice cream before meeting up with Miranda at the end of the ride and coming home together. We didn’t go as far for ours, but we enjoyed our DQ dipped cones a lot!

Tammy was teaching her last evening class of the term, or she would have been with us, I’m sure. She’s been riding on Tuesdays pretty regularly and making time for her own rides to the shops and other things.

Without the wind it would have been a perfect evening. You can’t see the wind in this photo of the river and a train, so enjoy!

Looking across the Bow River to a CP Rail train

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