Vacation Day Five: Victoria at Last!

There’s much less to tell about today’s travels. We slept in until 8:00 before Tammy ducked out and picked up some breakfast sandwiches from A&W while the rest of us got ready. We started out in the rain in Port Hardy and things generally improved as the day and Vancouver Island went by.

Gassed up just south of Port MacNeill, lunch at McDonald’s in Courtenay and then stopping for some Timbits just north of Duncan. We arrived at Dad’s around 3:30 and then moved in. Bikes are with us in the guest suite and the kids are set up with the air mattress in Dad’s living room.

We’re only here for a short while. We might get to see Stephanie this evening, and the Sylvesters tomorrow. Then Stephanie and the kids on Thursday and Friday. The bike ride is Saturday and then we’re off to Calgary on Sunday.

Time to relax. Posts will come as events warrant.

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