Squeak Biickert, November 25, 1998 – August 13, 2019

We got a call just after 6:00 this morning from Springbank Pet Resort. Squeak was barely breathing and her heartbeat was very weak. We chose not to have her rushed to emergency. Michelle, the manager, stayed with her for a while longer and when it was clear that Squeak was not going to make it, she had to ask us to either send Squeak to emergency or clear them to euthanize her. We chose euthanasia, and that’s when I broke down.

We called back later after Tammy and I went out and got some air and coffee and Squeak passed away at around 8:20. We came back to Dad’s and told the kids.

I made a point of getting Tammy to talk to the kennel about what would happen if this happened. Squeak was very old, and she had definitely been slowing down. Lots of sleep and not eating nearly as much as she used to. Michelle said that Squeak had been doing great until this, so that is a comfort. It was her time.

Squeak was the luckiest cat in the world. She was lost and found the kindest family she could have, that night in Prince George.

The night we found her.

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