Jury Duty – Take 3

I went to check the mail the morning after we got back half expecting it to be choc-a-bloc with flyers and other rubbish, but I was pleasantly surprised to find very little in it. One of the pieces of mail was a jury summons letter. This is my third one. The first was when we lived in Sooke. I was unable to serve because the kids were too young and I had limited daycare. The second time was also when we lived in Sooke, but we were preparing to move. Will the third time be the charm? This time I have no excuses. There’s no reasonable exemption for which I can qualify. I work evenings so, in theory, I can be in court from 10.00-4.30, beetle home on the train, grab a bite for supper, and jump in the car for work at 5.30.  It doesn’t leave much time for class prep and I’ll need to have some meals prepped for the family.

The selection date is Oct. 24th. I wonder if I’ll qualify? More to come much later.