Our New Fur Baby

We held out for two-and-a-half weeks, but we just can’t live without a cat in the house.
Yesterday Simon filled out an online application with the Meow Foundation and late in the afternoon the same day we received a call from our adoption counsellor. We set up an appointment to go down today at 3 and have a look-see. Our criteria were lap-cat and family friendly, so we were introduced to those that fit the bill.  It came down to 3 then to 2 in the end.  We would’ve taken two today, but their compatibility was in question, so we went with the slightly older (he’s 3.5) male cat called Scarlet Pimpernel – I’m angling to rename him Murph(y). Murphy was the clear favourite for Simon, who wanted a lap-cat, after he jumped into his lap. The other was Elvira – she is so much like Nochie when she was younger it was scary. Maybe if Murph settles in quickly we’ll consider her (if she’s still available). He has been neutered and has had all his necessary shots.  His teeth are in excellent condition and has no obvious health issues. Plus he has an identifying microchip implanted just in case he goes missing. Total adoption cost: $175.

So far Murph has been totally relaxed. He’s busy investigating everything and everywhere, but he has pretty much moved in without incident.  We’ll have o see how the night goes.  Will he keep prowling or pass out somewhere? In many ways he’s like Mr. Doos. He’s a chunky boy with big strong hands and arms.  He grabs onto the cat post toys and kicks at them with his legs. He likes to be up high.  Plus he exhibits signs of being a lap-cat.

We’ll keep you posted as the week wears on. In the meantime, here are some pics:

Updated September 2

Murphy is settling in. What a confident cat. The first evening was a lot of exploration. He likes sitting in the windows, especially if they are open and he can have a sniff of the fresh air outside (we have screens in the windows). According to Miranda, Murphy was in her room and jumping up onto her bed during the night, although when I got up in the morning, he was snoozing on his favorite ledge.

Last evening, we were all in the master bedroom watching the TV and Murphy came and joined us, jumping up on the bed. He stretched out and was in the centre of everything. That continued into the night, where I think he spent most of the night on the bed. He’s a bit of a space-hog. As you can see in the picture above, he’s got no compunction about taking his fair share.

He’s eating well, both wet and dry food. He has been 100% on using the cat box. He’s not a yowler like Mr. Doos or Squeak were, but he did wake us up with some meowing this morning. It was time for breakfast!

Maybe adopting a 3.5 year old big cat wasn’t what we might have imagined, but he’s fitting in amazingly.

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  1. Lovely lo0king cat. I didn’t figure that you would last very long without a cat.Stephanie and you Simon, must be in the blood?

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