iMac Impressions

So far, things have been mixed. The good is that this iMac is newer than I thought at first: it is a late-1999 333MHz iMac, and it is running OS X very acceptably indeed. The only things that are less than 100% are the eye-candy smooth-scrolling and -morphing things that Aqua does. Everything else is very pleasant.
What hasn’t been so nice is the installation of OS X. This is the first time I’ve done a bare-metal install of X, since my TiBook came with 10.1 installed, and all updates were handled automatically by the automatic Software update. Due to firmware and hard disk problems, it took me 2 hours last night to install 10.1. Then this morning, I have spent another 1.5 hours getting the OS up to 10.1.5. Now I finally have the OS up to date, and I can start dealing with installing optional software.
I can easily see Tammy wanting to use this computer for day-to-day stuff. OS X is so much better than OS 9. I can’t wait to get my hands on 10.2. I’ve heard really great things about it.