New web server on its way

Yesterday, I ordered a new computer to host this web site (among other tasks). For those of you who watch this space, the iMac that I was using has departed, and so now my PowerBook is chained to a desk, serving up this site.
Want to make a PowerBook user unhappy? Chain their PowerBook to a fixed location. If I wanted a desktop, I could have got a G4 tower for a lot less money…
Speaking of money, I’m not made of it, so I’ve ordered a refurbished G3 tower from MacResQ. It’s upgradable and expandable as my needs develop, and it doesn’t pour out enough heat to cook a chicken like some processors do… It will run Mac OS X 10.2, and this time I’m going to get Sendmail running on it. I’m tired of having to restart Eudora Internet Mail Server.
Mmmmm… blue and white G3… that colour combo reminds me of something, but I can’t quite place it.
The new computer has arrived (Oct 11th), but no one was home when the delivery was made, so I get to pick it up after work. As if living through Friday afternoon wasn’t hard enough already!