From Sea To Shining Sea

Tomorrow morning I board the Westjet plane bound for late-November Halifax. Something tells me I won’t be working on my tan while I’m there. 🙂 I’m looking forward to the trip; it shouldn’t be too stressful while I’m there. I’ll be conducting three days of teaching two people how to administer and upgrade the software I’ve been working on since June. I think the worst part will be the flight, which is the longest I’ve ever taken. It’s eight and a half hours going there, and 10 and a half on the way back, due to a layover in Calgary.

See y’all in a week. John, I’ll wave out my window as the plane flies over New Brunswick.

6 thoughts on “From Sea To Shining Sea

  1. two words: split crow. it’s downtown, a bit of a landmark if i remember correctly. i’d *love* to go back to halifax. great city.

  2. Would you believe it, my hotel is on the same block as the Split Crow pub? What luck! I looked over the menu for the hotel restaurant (it was 10:00 pm local time when I managed to get here) but it wasn’t to my liking so I stumbled out the door looking for food. Walked down the street, and I could hear some live music, so I went to check it out, and it was the Split Crow! An Alexander Keith’s IPA and a club sandwich later and I’m feeling human again. 🙂

  3. Actually, I just looked out my hotel room window, and noticed that the pub is right. down. there. 😛 Ahhh. Hey Jonesy, fly on out and we’ll have a beer or two.

  4. oh man, that would make my day. i’ve had more than enough with server admin (i’m not one) and ssl certs. beh.

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