Another new computer…

Late Christmas for Simon…

… or is that H-E-double-hockey-sticks has frozen over? 😀 Another computer has arrived at the ii Worldwide Headquarters, and it’s not a Mac. What’s that, you say?

Yes, it’s true. It’s a Dell. But there’s a good reason for it: it was freakin’ cheap, at $63.40 for a 3 GHz machine to replace the old 350 MHz Mac G3 that has powered this site for years. I’ve just powered it up for the first time (and tested my new gigabit ethernet switch — sweet!) and now I’ve got to install a new OS and all the software necessary. Hopefully this will mean a minimum of disruption to the ii News (and sister publications), but who knows?

It is Windows, after all. (m)

3 thoughts on “Another new computer…

  1. Well, so far it’s gone pretty darn well. The OS install was painless (51 critical updates later…) and the only hiccup in the webserver stack was for some reason the main site was down, so I had a little trouble downloading the latest version of PHP.

    I’ve transferred the content from this weblog into the newest version of Nucleus without a hitch. The things remaining for basic functioning: (1) apply the ii look-and-feel (2) install the new DVD App.

    Then I can turn my attention to getting the stuff related to work installed… 😉

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