After months of talking it over and lots of trips to see Gordon at Tom Lee Music, Tammy and I bought a piano today.

Miranda and the Piano

Miranda and the Piano

Okay, for those who want to get technical, it’s not a piano, it’s a digital grand. A Yamaha Clavinova, to be precise. It’s got really great sound and keyboard touch like a piano.

We went over and over what we’d learned about buying pianos, and what we wanted from a piano. There are so many options, both digital and accoustic. We couldn’t afford a full-on accoustic grand piano, especially when you consider that neither Tammy nor I play. But then we didn’t want to end up with a piano-shaped paperweight, either. No point in getting something that won’t stay in tune or sounds like a wonky piano from a cowboy saloon.

Everybody’s thrilled, even Ian. He can just barely reach up and touch the keys.