Music Lessons for Miranda

Today we went to an unofficial open house at a local music school.
Many months ago Sasha emailed me about a music school that was open in Sooke. Because of the teacher’s schedule it has taken until now to find out more. The teacher, Trish, lives on Townsend which is just off of Rhodonite. It’s a nice 15 minute walk to get there. She has a music studio set up on her ground floor with 1 acoustic piano, 1 electric piano, and 3 keyboards. She teaches the Conservatory curriculum for older kids and a few early learner courses for younger kids (3-5 years). The classes are a combination of singing, movement, rhythm, keyboard, reading, and composition depending on the age. Class sizes range from 4-6 students depending on the level. Part of the open house was Trish assessing Miranda to see what her skills and limitations are for both music and general behaviour. She was impressed by her ability to sit still and follow instructions as well as with her enthusiasm to play piano. We signed her up for the Sunshine 1 level. The student materials include the music book, a magnetic staff for learning notation, a homework book, various aids they use throughout the year, and a bag to hold everything. The class runs September to May and it’ll be once a week (either Tuesday or Wednesday) from 10-11. It’s a parent participation class. I get to learn too!! 😀 Prior to the class there’ll be a mixer for all the parents. I think it’ll be a very exciting and rewarding experience for all.