Okay, so it’s not R2D2 or C-3P0 or even Robby, but we now have our very own robot to do our bidding.



The short version is Jeff and Sasha have one (a more expensive model that they got at Costco) and they are super thrilled by it. Tammy and I had always pondered getting one (I liked the geek factor, Tammy liked the idea of having someone sweep up) but they’ve been expensive. Now London Drugs had one on for $97. The high-end models still are around $400, but for less than $100, I’m willing to take a chance.

So Tammy picked one up today. It charged from lunchtime and as we sat down to supper, we turned it on. It’s entertaining, and effective. Entertaining because it’s almost impossible to guess what it’s going to do. There’s a method to its madness, but it appears chaotic. Nochie’s watching it like a hawk. Squeak is sort of aloof. Miranda thinks it’s cool and funny. The one who doesn’t like it is Ian. He’s watching it out of the corner of his eye. He’s sitting motionless and quiet.

For the first time ever.

10 thoughts on “Roomba

  1. It really gets the cat fur! We need to send it around our bedroom once a week just to get up the ground in fur.

  2. I’ve blocked that movie out of my mind. 😉 Besides, it would be pretty hard for this lil’ buddy to cause any carnage.

  3. Creepy is all I can say. Yeah, I guess your little guy can only nibble off some toes or ram your ankles 😀

  4. The Roomba keeps impressing. Our first test run was at supper last night, and it ran around until it ran out of juice. We had constrained it to the kitchen/living room/dining room. Technically three rooms, which is more than the one to two rooms that this model is supposed to be able to do. When we opened up the dust bin, there was an impressive amount of dirt and cat hair in there. I didn’t think the floor was that dirty. Then this morning, Tammy let it run around our bedroom for about 45 minutes, and then let it into the hallway.

    When it was all done, she practically pulled an entire cat out of the dust bin. And we vacuum regularly! It seems to be very good at pulling cat hair out of the carpet.

    Tonight we set it running around the kitchen/dining room/living room again. I wasn’t expecting much. After all, it had been done 24 hours earlier. I was wrong. It managed to find a lot more dust and cat hair and this time it didn’t run out of juice: it stopped and played a little happy tune to let us know it was done.

    We’re so thrilled that Tammy wants to get a second one while they are still on sale. I got some video of the kids running around getting chased by it. It doesn’t move that fast, but its slightly random behaviour really thrills them.

  5. It runs on both and does a really good job. It has troubles with really deep corners, but so does a reg vac.

  6. I wish. As is I feel like The Jetsons with both of these household robots whizzing around. 🙂

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