Migrated To Tiny

Sorry folks about the site being down for most of the day. With the plans percolating for moving (especially to something smaller), part of the downsizing is getting rid of the existing web server and handing that job over to Tiny, our Mac Mini. I think all in all, it went pretty well today. Most of the issues I had were either:

  1. the change from Windows to Mac OS X and
  2. upgrading all of the components to the latest versions, which in some cases worked a little different than the old ones.

I hope that no one will see any difference between the old setup and the new. Just one less box to maintain, and one less Windows box, period. 🙂

Just to test the picture uploading:

Simon's NaNoWriMo picture for 2010

Simon’s NaNoWriMo picture for 2010

3 thoughts on “Migrated To Tiny

  1. I just realized that there is a problem with the form for non-member comment posting. I am fixing it right now.

  2. Success! Non-logged in people can now post comments again. Sorry about that, folks. I’d updated the Nucleus blog software and that overwrote some of the bits I’d added to prevent spam.

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