Started my new commute today

Pretty hard to imagine, when you know I work from home, right? The short version is:

  • I haven’t been working out at the dojo because of my foot.
  • I can’t use the treadmill.
  • I can ride a bike

So I am making a resolution that I am going to add a “commute” to my day on my bike. I will ride to and from work, every day, rain or shine. Today I rode what I think will be my commute route: making a loop around Maple, West Coast Road, and Otter Point. After work I will ride it the other way. It’s a 4.15 km route, which is about the same as the commute Tammy and I used to do to downtown from Gorge Road, but there’s more vertical rise and fall.

2 thoughts on “Started my new commute today

  1. Bought a new helmet today. My old one was about ten years old… if I bought it when we started commuting from Gorge Road. I may have bought it in PG, in which case it was even older. You’re supposed to replace them every 5 years, because the foam inside degrades. The new one is a Specialized "Tactic", in white. I tell you, the colours for men’s helmets are b-o-r-i-n-g. And dull. So I’ve started applying some of my leftover reflective blue pinstriping to it. The stuff that I bought to decorate my old Burgman scooter. Looks better already! I’ll be the style leader on Sooke streets for sure.

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