A Memory of Light

Right now, amid the illness sweeping through our house, the bright point for me is that Tammy and I have started reading A Memory of Light. It is the last book of the Wheel of Time series by Robert Jordan that I have been reading since my time in Ucluelet in 1994.

AMOL Cover Art

AMOL Cover Art

Knowing that the last book was coming, Tammy and I started doing a mix of reading aloud and reading Leigh Butler’s Wheel of Time Reread. We finished the penultimate book in October and we had to wait until January 8th for the last book. So on the 8th, when Tammy was laid up, I took the kids downtown and that trip included a stop at Chapters.

We have read the Prologue as of last night (78 pages over three evenings). Really looking forward to reading the rest.

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  1. Just finished reading the last chapters to Tammy. Very satisfying and impactful ending. Well done, Messrs Jordan and Sanderson.

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