Jury Duty…again

I just received my summons to appear for jury duty selection in the mail today. I have 10 days in which to respond. This is the second time I’ve been selected at random. The first was back in 2005. I wasn’t able to do it then because of childcare issues. I may not be able to do it this time either due to moving issues. It’s for April 8th with a possibility of starting on the 8th for a 10-day trial or starting on the 15th for a 25-day trial. At least I have over a week to respond. That should give us enough time to know what we’re doing moving-timeline-wise. 😀

1 thought on “Jury Duty…again

  1. I’ve gone online to decline. There wasn’t an excuse relating to teaching or daycare issues, so I chose the closest one. Hopefully they’ll accept it.

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