Bow Cyclist Club

Call me crazy, but Monday night, I signed up with the Bow Cyclist Club, a club arranged by Bow Cycle, a local bike shop that I had been to a few times. I asked the people there what the rides were like: too fast? Too long? A bunch of rocket bikes? I thought I’d gotten a good idea of what it would be like.

I still was apprehensive. I didn’t have a dedicated road bike. Was I a strong enough cyclist to keep up?

Tonight was the first ride since I signed up. I rode the 8.5 km to the shop (downhill mostly), then waited. It turned out that I needn’t have worried. There were nine riders, counting me and the leader, the representative from the shop. Six men, three women. All older. Mostly road bikes, two very nice and the rest a more modest bunch. I wasn’t the slowest; I was probably was mid-pack. The pace averaged 20 km/h, which is slower than the pace I set when I ride on my own. It was a two-hour ride, and almost exactly 40 km.

It was fun. Worthwhile. Now, how about a proper road bike? 🙂

2 thoughts on “Bow Cyclist Club

  1. Hi Mom. I’m not crazy. You had me tested.

    I mean a bike like I had back in high school when I used to road-ride: skinny tires, light weight, curved (dropped) handlebars. I’m looking very closely at this one:

    We were at the bike store last night, dropping off my bike (the new one from Sooke) for repairs. There’s something afoul in the crank (the bit between the pedals) that is making a fair bit of noise when I pedal hard. They are going to take it apart and see what’s wrong, and now I don’t get my bike back for a week.

    Tammy thought for sure I was going to buy a bike then and there and was keeping out of my way, which I mistook for negativity, so I didn’t get one. Might go back tonight or Saturday morning.

    In other news, Tammy picked up some cycling shorts and an under-seat pouch for her bike. Used my Bow Cyclist membership discount to save 20%! See, I save money the Biickert way!

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