Leg Update

It’s now been over a week since I visited the Foothills Medical Centre. The good news is that my symptoms have all but disappeared. While I am very happy about this, it does mean that I am less mindful about what I’m doing than I should, and I am starting to feel “cooped up” because I’m not able to do anything. It’s especially hard being here in the “TV Room”, with my bike begging to be ridden. Brian (my boss) had dropped off a set of bike rollers the morning before I went to the hospital. He is a cyclist too, and he had offered them to me, since he had them and wasn’t using them. They are not a “workout” like the indoor trainer is, since they don’t have resistance; they are more of a technique-builder. I think they are almost like a magic trick.

I suppose the silver lining is that this has happened during the Winter Olympics: I have been able to watch a lot of the coverage. Under normal circumstances, I might have been struggling to find something to watch during daytime TV. 🙂

It was Valentine’s Day on Friday. I worked a half-day at home before taking some of my banked OT. We all exchanged cards and some presents at breakfast. I had managed to get Tammy a card on Thursday when I went to work to talk to Brian about the plan for the next couple of weeks. Tomorrow is Family Day in Alberta, and we’ll see about having some sort of a family activity to celebrate it. Today, Tammy is playing with Ian, and making a bed for his teddy bear, Ted.


Just as I finished posting this, Ian came up to show me Ted’s new bed:

Ted's new bed

Ted’s new bed

2 thoughts on “Leg Update

  1. Now two weeks have gone by, and I visited the doctor again yesterday. While I have been without symptoms for a week and a half, she wants me to continue resting, only exercising by walking around the house every once in a while. We’ll see her again in a week and a half, after another ultrasound.

    No working in the office for another week and a half. Good thing I bought this ergonomic arm for the monitor: it makes working in a recliner seem almost productive. 🙂

  2. Now it’s three weeks. Just went for a follow up ultrasound. Nothing else to report. Still taking it easy and working from home. Will see the doc on Thursday. Hope it’s nothing dramatic that will prevent my trip to Palm Springs on Sunday.

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