A Good Day For Me

Hi everyone thought I’d keep you posted on what I’ve been doing lately. Today I had a really good day except for being a couple of minutes late for school Here I’ll tell you how it started. This morning I wake up big fluffy snowflakes falling outside and I don’t have to walk to the bus stop in the cold. We get in the car we drive to the orthodontics office I get my retainer fixed then I got to redeem my points I earned. Every time I go to the orthodontics I get points for being a good patient, answering the joke on the computer outside and for other reasons. Well I redeemed my points for a Beenie Boo called “Owliver” but I am going to call him either “Camouflage” or “Owlivander” Which one should I choose? Anyway he is a brown owl with sparkly gold eyes I’ll send you a picture of her later. When I got to school we were in the middle of writing period luckily I had already finished my homework so I got to read then we were supposed to write a poem about something or someone using metaphors. I had a lot of fun with that I did my dad heres on of the metaphors I used in it “He is a bear with short black hair”. At second recess (after lunch) Elijah and I grabbed a ball and started to play pass later a boy named Damien joined and we were all playing with the ball then we tried bouncing the balls off the rocks and see which direction it would go in so we did that for a while, but we stopped and walked over to the basket ball court where we played four square until the bell. Near the end of the day we had a presentation from some students studying to be dentists. They talked about teeth let us brush the huge fake teeth and a bunch of mini games for example make the best lunch out of pictures of food. Afterwards we got little goody bags with toothbrushes, food group manuals, dentist office addresses and other things like that. Thats pretty much it thanks for reading and don’t forget to answer the question “Should I call him Camouflage or Owlivander?51hC9+FeynL._SY355_

5 thoughts on “A Good Day For Me

  1. Thank you for your email Miranda. I enjoyed hearing about your day. Nana will read this tomorrow as she is very tired from the day at the Hospital and is sleeping now. I like the name Owlivander,but the choice of name is yours. Saw on the Weather channel the snow around you. We have had only light rain today, but very mild.Grandpa

  2. I vote for Owlivander, too. It’s creative, and kinda ties in well to the Harry Potter universe.

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