Age of Ultron (Avengers 2)

Today we went to watch the new Avengers movie (Age of Ultron). The day started pretty well, we woke up ate a bowl of Lucky Charms each while watching Avengers 1. We were just relaxing when dad hurried us into the car. Ian thought we were going to buy more paint for the walls but we ended up driving to the Cineplex. One pop, four tickets, and the Avengers movie was all that was required. Mom was disappointed because guess who wasn’t in the movie, “Loki!”. If you don’t know him you probably haven’t watched Thor 1, Thor 2, or Avengers 1. Afterwards we got to have supper at Wendys, and we ordered two Frosties.



2 thoughts on “Age of Ultron (Avengers 2)

  1. The new Avengers movie sounds good!!!
    Grandpa and I remember the TV series “The Avengers” with Emma Peel and Jonthan Steed as the lead characters.

    • Yeah… This movie is a little different. 😄 Though there definitely is something to be said about that TV show.

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