New Brakes, Fixed Lattice

It’s the last couple of days in my “early summer” vacation. Of course I haven’t been commuting on my bike, so I took the opportunity to get some new brakes for my Giant Seek. The bike has done well, but it was never a high-end bike. One part in particular that has given me problems is the brakes. It came with cable-actuated disc brakes, and they have never had much bite, even when freshly adjusted from the shop. When they weren’t well-adjusted, they were downright dangerous.

I had a discussion and email interchange with Kurt from Bowcycle, and decided to trust him that a good set of brakes would be much better. I dropped the bike off on the 29th, and Tammy picked it up yesterday. To get an idea of the upgrade, the bike was $620 in total new, and the brakes were $400 installed. So, with some trepidation, I climbed on and tried them out. They are amazing. Shimano Deore hydraulic brakes that have pistons pressing the pads on both sides of the rotor with fresh pads stop with a single finger squeeze. I will feel much safer going down the hills to work.

In other news, I didn’t have any big plans for the weekend, but with Tammy getting busy whipping the house into shape this morning, I popped around to Home Depot. I looked at the decorative/privacy lattice panels and spoke with the fellow there. I described how some individual slats had come free from their staples. He said that I should be able to repair rather than replace. So I got some 5/8″ brads for my nail gun and set about it after lunch. The work is done now, and only time will tell how effective the repair is.


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