Mr. Retro

I get a strange sense of satisfaction in finding uses for technology that is past its prime. I won’t even start on my typewriters, which are getting a major workout this November as they have since 2009. This time, it’s my classic iPod, which Tammy bought me back in early 2007. Once I had an iPod Touch, there wasn’t much reason for me to carry it around regularly, and it became sort of an unloved lifeboat for our family photos. Once I had proper backups in place, even that job was taken away from it.

It still works great. The problem is, what can it be used for that doesn’t have a superior solution in place? I’ve come up with three things:

  1. Media player for the Tiguan. The Tiguan has an iPod connector in the centre console. When the iPod is connected there, it appears as a media source on the touch screen. It means all of our music is available in the car without really any effort.
  2. Music player in the basement for NaNoWriMo. The stereo system that Mom and Dad donated to us in their move is in the basement, and I’ve got a 1/8″ mini jack to RCA input cable for the aux input. I connect the iPod and play any and all music while I’m typing.
  3. Podcast listening on the train. Normally, I use Overcast on my iPhone for podcasts, but if you’re going for retro bare bones, the iPod actually does quite well. It doesn’t work in the summer when I’m riding, but that’s okay.

Why do I care? I don’t know. I just do. Maybe it’s because inscribed on the back of this thing is “Happy 10th Anniversary, Love Tammy 27/08/07”.