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Today was the day. In the fine tradition of buying two-wheeled vehicles at seasonally inappropriate times of the year, I went to Bow Cycle this morning and sealed the deal on a 2016 Specialized Roubaix, the associated accessories, and a new set of EnergyLabs VC40 wheels for my Valence.

Carting bikes home

Carting bikes home

In anticipation of the wheel change, I brought my Valence and Tammy’s Dolce down to the shop with me. Follow the bouncing ball:

  • The set of Shimano R500 wheels came off my Valence,
  • The Ultegra cassette came off the R500s and on to the VC40s,
  • Tammy’s Sora cassette came off the Axis wheels on the Dolce and onto the R500s,
  • The R500s went onto her Dolce,
  • The VC40s went onto the Valence,
  • And the Tiagra cassette that I took off my Valence during my weekend bike course went on the Axis wheels, as an emergency backup/trainer tire.

Try explaining that to the poor technician who made the swap. It all ended up right in the end. Incidentally, I noticed they had a bike scale hanging in the shop, and I got permission to weigh the Valence (21.5 lbs/9.75 kg) and the Dolce (22.2 lbs/10.07 kg). Don’t have a weight on the Roubaix, but I’ll try to get a measurement at some point. Probably 8.5 kg or thereabouts.

Here’s the updated “family photo”. New bike, new (to Tammy) wheels, and new wheels.

Specialized Roubaix, Specialized Dolce, Norco Valence

Specialized Roubaix, Specialized Dolce, Norco Valence

Incidentally, it’s 14 degrees out there right now. Come on, global warming! Let’s have a riding season that starts in March!

Specialized Roubaix - AKA the Batbike

Specialized Roubaix – AKA the Batbike

Norco Valence - "Stickers"

Norco Valence – “Stickers”

2 thoughts on “New Bike

  1. Very nice looking bikes!!! Where are the fenders,lights,chain guard,etc!!!! Have fun, will see your new bike here i assume. Dad

    • In the summer, yes. I will bring the new Roubaix for the Tour de Victoria. I’ll be bringing a bike with me in March, but that will be my commuter… which has fenders, lights, etc. 😛

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