Off To Manitoba

This morning, I am waiting for my Westjet flight to Brandon, Manitoba. It’s not a long flight, but it is in a turboprop plane instead of a 737, so it will be two hours. My workshop does not begin until tomorrow, but there are only limited flights between YYC and YBR.

More updates as events warrant.

Update – Arrived at the hotel and preparing for tomorrow

Should have brought my swimsuit.

Swimming pool and waterslide

Swimming pool and waterslide

Also had annoying incident: went to Sobeys and bought some lunch, including a 2-litre bottle of diet 7-Up. I swear I didn’t shake it on the way back. But it blew, and made a mess. Cleaned up now.

Updated Again

It’s now Friday night. Courtnay and Kern have departed, and are probably near to Winnipeg by now. The workshop was successful, and so another job well done. Flights to Calgary don’t leave Brandon too often, so there was no flight out tonight. I have to wait until 6:00 tomorrow morning. It will be an early morning.

Tonight I went for a walk to the banks of the Assiniboine River.

Assiniboine River

Assiniboine River

It was a chilly walk at 5 degrees with a breeze, but worth it. Going to pack up now and take a shower.