Finally Not Housebound

It has been a long cold stretch, filled with quiet times at home. That’s not a bad thing, but I think we were getting a bit stir crazy. I had pencilled in today as a possible ski day. The long-term forecast had predicted it was the day the weather would break, and the kids had Thursday and Friday off. I took the days off work as well.

The weather report in the morning was not looking good. -21 with a windchill down into the -30 range. But by midday the temperature was supposed to shoot up and snow by evening. We decided to delay our departure for Nakiska until 10, hoping to hit the hill just as the temperature rose.

It worked. We were dressed well, and it was -15 when we got out of the car, but the temperature rose to -9 while we were there. The day was beautiful and sunny.

Ian and I on the Silver chair
Miranda on the Bronze chair
Tammy following after

It was a great day on the slopes. Well worth the wait.

Rubik’s cube solving

So, ever since a week ago, I was going back to Rubik’s cube solving. I actually started in 2016 but now, I’ve returned to solving. In the first part of the week, I rote down on a sticky note, algorithms to solve the cube. I was practicing and so on. The second part of the week was trying to memorize the algorithms in my head. It took some time memorizing, and the third and final part of the week was speed solving. It took a few days to practice turning the cube quickly, but now, I think i’m on my way, yesterday, I ordered a 2018 speed cube so that my rubik’s cube would not lock up so easily when i turned it. I’ve been practicing speed solving ever since Friday and today, i think i’m getting really good. I recorded a video of me speed solving my rubik’s cube with a rubik’s cube stopwatch app. It took me 01:06.93 seconds to solve the cube.

I’m pretty fast, am I?

The End of the Eye of the World

Tonight, we celebrated a little milestone: Ian and I finished reading Robert Jordan’s The Eye of the World together, and I finished reading the French-language version of the same today, too. We started reading them back in the summer last year, and it has taken time, but it has been a good experience together. And my French reading skill continues to improve.

We even celebrated with a cake:

The ancient symbol of the Aes Sedai

We didn’t really make a cake to celebrate it, but it was my job to decorate it, and if I chose a topical theme, that was my choice. 😄

We also ordered Ian a new Rubik’s Cube today, but more on that later.

First Step on the way to IB

On Wednesday, Miranda got her letter from Hogwarts from Sir Winston Churchill indicating that she had been accepted as a candidate for the International Baccalaureate program.

On behalf of Sir Winston Churchill High School’s Area 1 Selection Committee for the International Baccalaureate Program (IB), we are pleased to inform you that you have been selected as a Grade 10 student at Sir Winston Churchill High School for the school year commencing September 2019.

You will begin in September as an IB candidate. Grade 10 students at Sir Winston Churchill High School apply for admittance into the IB Program in November/December of their Grade 10 year. Acceptance is based on grades and SWC teacher recommendations.

As you can see, this does not mean that she will be accepted into IB for Grades 11 and 12, but we have confidence in her. This is the first step.

On Thursday night, Miranda and I went over her Grade 10 course selections and planning Grades 11 and 12 with the material we got at the orientation night in November. There are two sessions coming up where incoming IB candidates need to go to SWC to speak to counsellors and set their Grade 10 courses.

We’re very proud of her, and so is her teacher, Ms. McRae, who gave Miranda a card on Friday:

Congratulations on your acceptance to the IB program at Churchill — We know your future holds amazing things!

Damn straight. 😁

Brr! It’s Cold Out

We’re getting our blast of winter weather. It’s minus 23 out there and going to get colder tomorrow. Not a lot of incentive to be outside. So we stayed inside and put a puzzle together.

Tammy, Ian and Miranda almost done

We’ve had this puzzle for years, still in the think wrap. I was trying to remember exactly how long we’ve had it and failed. One Christmas in Sooke anyways.

The finished product – Dragon Hunters

And, of course it’s Groundhog Day, so we watched the movie this evening.


First Job App

Just a short post today to note that Miranda has now officially handed in her first job application at Tim Hortons. There’s one fairly close to our home and she decided to apply. Maybe she will get Friday after school and/or Saturday afternoons if she’s hired.
Good luck to you. We hope you get hired.💜🍩☕️💰

Recent Jewelry Creations

Recently I have been creating several pieces of jewelry and thought I would share them. The clay jewelry I made for my friend Sierra whose sleepover-birthday party I just returned home from (A combination of terrible light and glaze prevented the taking of clear pictures). I also made the seashell studs and nut earrings for my friend Zara whose birthday was last Friday. The rest were random ideas.

Seashell stud earrings with crystal bead (Very blurry, sorry)

Wire wrapped, stone necklace

Deadpool earrings

Deadpool earrings

Chain connected earrings with beads

Donut charm

Ice cream charm

Metal nut earrings connected by string

Metal nut earrings connected by string

Seashell stud earrings with crystal bead

Seashell stud earrings with crystal bead

Ice cream charm

My first time winning Catan!

Hello everybody, it’s me again. I haven’t posted in a while so, i’m going to post a completely random story. Me, Mom and Dad were playing “The Settlers Of Catan” and surprisingly, I won! So, I’m posting about letting you all know that I won the game for the first time. Here’s a photo…

A photo of us playing the game

So, just letting you all know that i’m just posting this story so that you know I won “The Settlers Of Catan” for the first time.

So, thank you for seeing! I’m out!